Intercom headsets and earsets

RTS Headsets

Announcer Earsets

A modular collection of earsets for inconspicuous listening. Individual components are available for custom configurations.

Lightweight Headsets

The RTS lightweight headsets offer daylong comfort with high quality audio and professional-grade durability.

Premium Lightweight Headsets

The MH series single and dual-sided headsets and headphones combine a unique, multi-functional modular design with low-profile, lightweight construction.

Full-Cushion Headsets

The basic full-cushion headsets provide an excellent blend of comfort and performance for a great price.

Premium Full-Cushion Headsets

High quality headsets provide clear communication in noisy environments.

Listen Only Headphones

Telex offers a variety of lightweight and full-cushion monitor headphones.

Handsets and Hand Mics

Telephone-Style Handsets and Push-to-Talk Hand Mics.